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  • Landscape Design
    W Land Works designs low maintenance landscapes for the Houston area.
  • Tree Care
    Those dying trees starting to worry you. Contact us so we can help you find a solution. We do tree trimming, removal, and stump grinding.
  • Landscape Renewal
    Have a good layout for your landscape in place? Just want a fresh look. Check out our Landscape Renewal service!
  • Garden Structures
    Having a design that is supported with strong architectural support brings meaning and structure to your landscape.
  • Water Works
    W Land Works is ready to design and build your pond, stream, or custom water feature.
  • Green Roofs
    Green roofs just look cool. If you are looking for that unique way to change your shed or spice up your carport this is it.
  • Add Color to Your Garden
    Pick your favorite colors and allow us to design dynamic contianer plantings that add color and interest all year round.
  • Rock Works
    Adding rocks to your landscape through walls and boulders creates dynamic levels to enhance the landscapes experience.
  • Consulting Services
    W Land Works Consulting provides expert advice and designs you can build yourself in phases.
Beautiful Water Plumeria
You can have the beautiful landscape you want. For less money than you thought.
Sustainable Houston Meadow
Starting with your wants and needs we work to find solutions that help you and the environment.
Water Drops
We know you want to add enjoyment not work. So our Landscapes are low maintenance.

W Land Works is a Houston area landscape design firm that provides functional low maintenance landscapes. By selecting beautiful, low maintenance plants and utilizing strong designs we can reduce or avoid the weekly invasion and cost of landscaping crews.

Our designs showcase climate specific plants and use hardscape elements to fulfill our client’s vision as well as staying true to our design aesthetic. The designs we create allow for a landscape to have a purpose.This purpose is fulfilled as our client's share and enjoy their landscapes everyday.

Houston may not be known for its great fall color but we do enjoy a good number of trees that, come December, put on a show.…

I have picked up a nervous tick — well more of a twitch. As a self professed tree hugger navigating town has become…

Work began this week on an intimate family memorial garden. With the passing of a family member a single plant was saved…

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